Watch Out for Red Flags When Selecting Your LASIK Surgeon

When it comes to a safe, successful LASIK experience, nothing matters more than your choice of a surgeon. The right surgeon should be qualified, experienced and instill a sense of confidence and trust that they will help you achieve your vision correction goals.

Although there is no formal rule, you should consider meeting with a few surgeons before you make a decision. Being aware of some LASIK surgeon “red flags” may make the decision-making process a little easier.

Below, New York City laser eye surgeon Sandra Belmont reveals some red flags to watch out for that suggest a prospective surgeon is not the right fit for you.

The Surgeon Promises Perfection

Laser vision correction is wonderful, but no surgeon should guarantee perfection. Look for a surgeon that doesn’t overpromise and is upfront about the limitations and possible complications of surgery. Steer clear of anyone who glosses over the very real risks of laser eye surgery.

Also, avoid anyone that doesn’t seem to have high standards for selecting patients. LASIK is not for everyone. According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, credible laser eye surgeons typically screen out at least 15-25 percent of prospective candidates.

The Consultation Feels Too “Sales-y”

Laser eye surgeons understand that having vision correction is a big decision that requires a lot of careful consideration. The best ones are eager to answer your questions and address your concerns in detail, without rushing you through the appointment or pressuring you into making a premature decision. If the consultation feels too sales-y, and you feel pushed or rushed to commit to anything, it could indicate the surgeon and their team do not have your best interests in mind.

Something Feels “Off”

It is possible to meet a surgeon that is perfect on paper and pleasant in consultation — yet something feels off. You are placing your health and well-being in your surgeon’s hands and should have complete trust in them. Your surgeon should be well versed in all the different types of laser vision correction and be able to explain with confidence why a particular procedure is the best choice for you.

The Surgeon Doesn’t Have Any Patient Testimonials

A trustworthy surgeon will likely have legions of satisfied patients that are happy to share their experiences. If a surgeon doesn’t have any patient testimonials on their website or in their practice, or they cannot provide you with a referral to a current or past patient, it is a red flag.

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