VisiDisc Amniotic Membrane Allograft

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The VisiDisc is a graft used by eye doctors to aid in the natural tissue regeneration process. Made from dehydrated amniotic membrane, the VisiDisc comes in round, disc-shaped configurations. It acts as a physical wound covering while promoting rapid tissue healing and repair. VisiDisc is available in two thicknesses and three sizes for optimal versatility. Dr. Sandra Belmont applies the VisiDisc in several different applications for laser eye surgery.

VisiDisc Uses

The VisiDisc is similar in composition to the conjunctiva, the clear mucous membrane covering the front of the eye. Because of this, it is used to repair or reconstruct the conjunctiva.

One of the ways Dr. Belmont uses the VisiDisc is in the excision of pterygium. Also known as “Surfer’s Eye,” pterygium is a benign growth on the conjunctiva. When it worsens enough to put the patient’s eyesight at risk, or is cosmetically bothersome, it can be surgically removed. Dr. Belmont places the VisiDisc graft to fill the empty space left by the removal of the pterygium. The VisiDisc immediately promotes regenerative healing.

An eye surgeonDr. Belmont can also use the VisiDisc for reconstructive purposes in cases of conjunctiva tumors. After removing the tumor, the ocular surface is patched up with the VisiDisc, which helps the damaged area heal.

Another common use for VisiDisc is the treatment of corneal ulcers. Once the ulcer has been removed, Dr. Belmont places the VisiDisc to build the tissue thickness back up. The goal is to promote faster healing and avoid cornea transplantation.

Benefits of the VisiDisc

  • Naturally adheres to the tissues
  • Can be handled pre-moistened or dry
  • Can be applied in either direction
  • Does not require blood typing or donor matching
  • Prompts little to no immune response
  • Comes sterile in a special pouch
  • Can be stored at room temperatures
  • Five-year shelf life

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