The LASIK Eye Surgeon

Your reasons for seeking LASIK are as unique as your eyes. Perhaps you want to eliminate the time you spend putting in and taking out your contact lenses. Maybe you want to enjoy work, sports and other activities without the burden of eyeglasses. Or maybe you want to pursue a career that requires excellent vision.

No matter what you hope to accomplish with surgery, the success of your treatment depends on who you select to perform your operation.

Dr. Sandra Belmont of Belmont Eye Center is the LASIK surgeon NYC patients trust to correct their vision. If you live in or near Manhattan, or you are planning to travel to NYC for your care, you should seriously consider meeting with Dr. Belmont to discuss your options. Here’s why…

Vast Experience in Laser Eye Surgery

Dr. Belmont is internationally renowned for her experience in laser eye surgery. She was one of the first surgeons in the entire country to work with the FDA protocols in the study of the excimer laser in PRK and LASIK. In recognition of her contributions to the development and advancement of laser refractive surgery, she was handpicked as the founding director of the Cornell Laser Vision Correction Center. Dr. Belmont also established her own highly competitive fellowship training program to teach other surgeons her techniques.

Dr. Belmont’s patients range from A-list celebrities to members of the special service and armed forces to heads of state that fly to see her from all over the world. She is a “doctor’s doctor” frequently sought out by other surgeons and doctors for her expertise.

Care Personalized to Your Needs

Dr. Belmont is well known for offering the highest standard of medical and surgical care to every patient. She understands that many people have nerves or doubts about surgery, and her empathetic, personable nature will immediately put you at ease. From your initial consultation to your procedure and afterward, she is committed to handling your eye care needs for life.

Leading Proponent of No-Cut LASIK

Dr. Belmont’s utmost priorities are the safety and satisfaction of her patients. That is why she specializes in a variation of LASIK called “No-Cut LASIK.” By removing the outermost layer of corneal cells before performing laser treatment, Dr. Belmont reduces the risk of complications and side effects after LASIK. Most notably, No-Cut LASIK lowers the incidence and duration of dryness post-surgery. Dr. Belmont has seen extraordinary results in her many years of performing No-Cut LASIK.

Book a Consultation with a Leading NYC LASIK Eye Surgeon

If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Belmont and discuss your vision correction needs, please our New York City practice today.