Refractive Errors

Every year, numerous patients come to see Dr. Belmont to receive advanced treatments for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Commonly referred to as refractive errors, these terms describe distortions in the shape of the cornea. Dr. Belmont does a thorough, comprehensive consultation with each patient in order to recommend the most suitable vision correction procedure, such as PRK or LASIK in New York.

lasik-7Emmetropia: No refractive error is present. Light from distant objects is focused sharply on the retina and there is no need for corrective glasses or contact lenses for distance.

The most common of visual disorders, refractive errors describe the eye’s inability to bring light into sharp focus on the retina. In the past, glasses or contact lenses provided the only means to optimize visual acuity. With the advent of laser vision correction, a laser can now gently, delicately and painlessly reshape the cornea, the tough, resilient clear membrane that is the outermost part of the eye and does 80 percent of the focusing for the eye at distance. Laser vision correction will greatly decrease or eliminate the dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

There are three basic kinds of refractive errors: