Reasons to Choose Dr. Sandra Belmont

1. Experience:

Dr. Sandra Belmont Trusted Ophthalmologist NYCDr. Belmont served as the founding Director of the Cornell Laser Vision Correction Center, where she was selected for her contributions in the development and advancement of laser refractive surgery, LASIK and PRK. She ranks among the first Doctors in the U.S. that worked with FDA protocols to study the Excimer Laser for laser vision correction.

2. Reputation:

As a top ophthalmologist and surgeon, Dr. Belmont has been the doctor of choice for celebrities world over who could choose any surgeon, most recently Jimmy Fallon, Regis Philbin, and Mandy Patinkin. As Director of her own Corneal Fellowship Program for over twenty years, she was an instructor for many of New York's other LASIK surgeons. Through her guidance, doctors she has trained are preserving and restoring eyesight to thousands of patients throughout the world.

3. The Doctors Doctor:

Considered one of New York's best LASIK surgeons, Dr. Belmont's experience, reputation and attention to detail have made her a go-to choice for doctors who know how to choose a NYC LASIK or PRK surgeon. The very scientists and engineers that were involved in the development of the excimer laser for laser refractive surgery choose Dr. Belmont for the treatment of their own friends and family.

4. Academic Affiliations:

Dr. Belmont is a Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Resident Refractive Surgical Education Program at New York University School of Medicine. She also operates at both of the city's finest eye specialty hospitals: Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

5. Fellowship Trained Corneal Surgeon:

Dr. Belmont is a cornea specialist, trained in all aspects of corneal disease and surgery, unlike many other LASIK surgeons. When considering how to choose a LASIK surgeon, patients are best served in having it done by a doctor that specializes in cornea. Who's better to answer the question "can my vision be improved with LASIK?"

6. Personalized Care and Accessibility:

From your first visit and LASIK consultation, through your procedure, and 24 month post-operative visit, Dr. Belmont and her assistants are there to provide you freedom from glasses and contact lenses, and address your eye care needs for life.

7. Chosen by Luminaries worldwide:

For the same reasons cited above, heads of state and patients from all corners of the world travel to Dr. Belmont's NYC LASIK practice for evaluation, surgery and treatment of diseases and injury of the eye.

8. Professionalism and Integrity:

Doctor Belmont is fiercely committed to her patients, she states that: "I don't not believe that laser vision correction should be treated as just another commodity. Patients are followed up at my New York City practice for LASIK post op care and PRK post op care for 24 months after treatment to provide the highest quality care."

9. Recognition by her Peers:

Doctor Belmont is an honored recipient of the Richard C. Troutman Master Teacher Award for her contributions in making laser vision correction the safe, effective and popular procedure that it has become.

10. Affordability:

A surgeon that is lauded by peers and patients alike, offering the most up-to-date LASIK technology, custom LASIK and custom PRK, you may ask 'how much will my LASIK procedure cost?' The price is very affordable and highly competitive. It factors in 24 months of post-operative care and all other ancillary fees. No-interest financing options are also available.