Cost Of Contact Lenses

Cost Of Contact Lenses

If you underwent your annual eye exam with New York City ophthalmologist Sandra Belmont, MD, FACS, and were told that you would benefit from wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, rest easy. Dr. Belmont will be pleased to refer you to one of her preferred opticians if you are in need of an optical shop. The optician will offer a wide array of fashionable frames for your prescription lenses, so you will look great while seeing clearly! We also offer prescription sunglasses as well as a variety of contact lenses, including soft contact lenses, extended wear contacts and disposable contacts, to meet the distinct needs of your unique lifestyle.

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If you have been advised by ophthalmologist Sandra Belmont to wear contact lenses, you’re probably wondering about the cost of the lenses. This depends on several factors, including your vision prescription, the specific type of lens you need and where you purchase the lenses.


A woman holding a contact lens on her fingerMost people that wear contact lenses are nearsighted, and are prescribed soft, disposable contact lenses. These lenses retail at approximately $50 to $100 for a three month supply. Each box contains a single prescription; since most people have a different prescription in each eye, they need to buy two boxes at a time which can bring the annual cost up to $800 a year.

Buying soft, disposable lenses in bulk may offer some savings.


Keep in mind that the prices mentioned are for standard lenses. You might have additional visual needs or personal preferences that raise the cost of your contacts.

For example, if you have astigmatism, your doctor will prescribe toric contact lenses, which are more expensive than soft contacts, to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.

If your astigmatism is too severe, or if you have an irregularly shaped eye that makes wearing normal contacts uncomfortable, you might need custom contact lenses. Custom-made contact lenses are priced higher than their soft, disposable alternatives. And, remember the additional cost required for measuring and fitting these lenses.

Some contact lenses come with a tint to enhance or change your eye color. These are typically more expensive than clear lenses. Special-effect contact lenses (e.g., lenses with a theatrical or costume element) are popular around Halloween and can cost up to $200 per lens.


A confident man wearing a suitThere are costs beyond the lenses themselves to consider. For example, contacts require special cleaning solution. If you wear contacts daily and disinfect them after every use, the cost of cleaning solution can add up. Add a few hundred dollars to your yearly contact cost to account for the cleaning solution.

Also, account for the cost of regular doctor’s visits to monitor and adjust your prescription. This could be an annual or bi-annual copay, or the cost of a full office visit if you do not have vision insurance.


The cost of LASIK or PRK laser vision correction is higher than a year’s worth of contact lenses and cleaning solution. However, laser vision correction is a wiser long-term investment. LASIK or PRK eliminates the need for daily contact use and therefore the expense of buying and maintaining lenses. The procedure pays for itself in 3 or 4 years, which is much more cost-effective than the cumulative cost of wearing contact lenses.


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