(ASA) Advanced Surface Ablation Treatment in NYC

If you struggle to read the numbers on your alarm clock without your glasses or cannot make out street signs while driving without contact lenses, you may benefit from laser vision correction surgery, such as LASIK eye surgery. However, LASIK is not the only type of laser eye surgery, nor is it the only laser procedure that produces highly accurate vision correction results to help you eliminate your daily dependence on prescription eyewear — contrary to popular belief.

In fact, Sandra Belmont, MD, FACS, a renowned LASIK Surgeon in New York City, is also highly sought after for her expertise in performing photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and other types of advanced surface ablation (ASA) procedures, all designed to correct imperfect vision with the use of laser technology.

If you experience farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism, you may be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, but you must schedule a consultation with Dr. Belmont to determine which laser vision correction procedure is right for you. If Dr. Belmont determines that LASIK is not right for you, she may suggest a different treatment option such as an ASA procedure.

What Is Advanced Surface Ablation?

“Advanced surface ablation” refers to any laser eye surgery in which Dr. Belmont ablates the surface of the cornea (i.e., removes the cornea’s outer layer of cells), thus providing access to the underlying corneal tissue. The Manhattan laser eye surgeon then reshapes the exposed corneal tissue with an excimer laser to correct the visual error causing farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. PRK is the most well-known ASA technique.

The Main Advantage of ASA

The main advantage of ASA is that, in contrast to LASIK, it does not require Dr. Belmont to make an incision or create a flap in the surface of the cornea. For this reason, ASA procedures are referred to as “no-cut” laser vision correction. There is no risk of experiencing any flap-related complications with ASA.

Advancements in ASA Technology

Recent advancements in ASA technology allow Dr. Belmont to customize ASA treatment for each patient.

Before the advent of CustomVue wavefront-guided technology, eye surgeons used patients’ lens prescriptions to calibrate the excimer laser used to reshape the curvature of the cornea during treatment. If multiple patients had the same lens prescription, they would receive identical laser vision correction treatment.

Now, however, thanks to the innovation of CustomVue wavefront-guided technology, Dr. Belmont can make a unique three-dimensional (3D) map of each eye’s distinct visual errors for use in calibrating the excimer laser. The 3D map of the eye is as unique as a fingerprint — no two are alike — allowing the NYC advanced surface ablation surgeon to tailor a vision correction treatment plan for each individual patient, and each individual eye.

Witness What Advancements ASA Technology Can Do for You

Are you tired of fumbling for your glasses first thing each morning? Are you frustrated with the daily use of bothersome contact lenses? If so, you should consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Belmont, a leader not only in LASIK but also in PRK and other ASA procedures. After your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Belmont will recommend a personalized treatment protocol to fit your unique needs.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Belmont and witness what the latest ASA technology can do for you, please contact Belmont Eye Center by calling (212) 486-2020.