“Dr. Belmont,
you are the greatest!”

–Jimmy Fallon
Host, ‘The Tonight Show’

“Dr. Belmont,
Thank you so much.
I can see, thanks to you!”

–Regis Philbin
Host, ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’

“Thank you, Dr. Sandra Belmont
for your gifted surgical skills and
knowledge in making the world
a brighter place for so many of us.”

–Mandy Patinkin,
Actor. Star, ‘Homeland'

“This is the best
thing I’ve ever done!”

–Colin Quinn
Comedian, Actor

    Experience the life-changing benefits of having LASIK surgery with Dr. Sandra Belmont, one of the first investigators in the U.S. to participate in FDA trials examining the use of excimer lasers in LASIK.

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  • No-Cut LASIK/PRK
    Belmont Eye Center is proud to offer no-cut LASIK surgery, an excellent vision correction treatment option for patients who were previously disqualified from having LASIK due to extremely thin corneas.

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  • Cataract/Cornea Transplants
    Stop experiencing life as though you are peering through a murky haze. With cataract surgery, Dr. Belmont eliminates your bothersome cataracts, so you can see life clearly again.

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    Dry eyes don’t have to get you down. Dr. Sandra Belmont offers several treatment options to alleviate chronic dry eye, so you can stop obsessing about irritated eyes and start enjoying life.

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Video: Jimmy Fallon’s LASIK Procedure

Manhattan laser eye surgeon Dr. Sandra Belmont performs lasik surgery on New York City celebrity, Jimmy Fallon.

"You did it, Dr. Belmont! You are the best!"

-Jimmy Fallon.  Host, The Tonight Show.

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New York City Lasik Surgeon
Sandra Belmont, MD, FACS

Dr. Sandra Belmont is a highly regarded New York City LASIK surgeon who has helped many laser eye surgery patients achieve clear vision without glasses. Over the course of her career, Dr. Belmont has performed more than 15,000 laser vision correction procedures and has become renowned as a leader in her field. Dr. Belmont strives to provide the best possible vision correction results for each one of her Manhattan LASIK eye surgery patients, which is why she uses many of the latest technologies and techniques. As one of the surgeons who conducted the original FDA evaluations of LASIK, Dr. Belmont continues to participate in FDA trials. A coveted lecturer and recipient of numerous awards, she is committed to helping all of her patients realize their vision correction goals.

At The Belmont Eye Center (121 East 61st Street. Tel. 212.486.2020), Dr. Belmont’s state-of-the-art LASIK facility, Dr. Belmont utilizes advanced laser technology to help patients achieve dramatically improved vision. The LASIK procedure offered by Dr. Belmont is a highly effective way to restore clear vision for patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and other common vision problems.


Sandra Belmont, MD, FACS.

Director, Resident Refractive Surgical Ed/Laser Vision Correction

Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Langone New York University School of Medicine.

Founding Director, Weill Cornell Laser Vision Center

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Sandra Belmont MD and Regis Philbin Lasik

"Dear Dr. Belmont,

I can see!! Thank you so much!"

-Regis Philbin.

Host, Live with Regis and Kelly.

Laser vision correction, October, 2006.

With more than 25 years at the forefront of refractive surgery Dr. Belmont, is recognized for contributions that have helped to popularize laser vision correction.

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